Date(s) - 18/09/2022
8:30 am - 5:30 pm

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This is open to EVERYONE with their own kit
With rising tension forming in the region everyone and their dog are desperate to take control of assets /land where ever possible. Any advantage is worth pushing for. The militia being the guiding force in the area to this point have lead the charge but with police immerging in force to try and stop this with an iron fist freedom fighters have got together to put the cards on the table…..everyone’s got everything to fight for and nothing to lose
Gates 08:30
Game on 10:00
End Ex 16:00
On arrival you will be given a list of objectives and timings for your team.
You are free to leave the game area whenever you wish but suggest staying in game as much as possible to support your team. Team commanders will be in place and introduced on the day/on the run up so you know who would be HVT’s should the missions suggest you needed to protect/capture at any point.
Camo Restrictions – If you aren’t following your factions dress code you’ll be asked to leave with no refund so please ensure this is sorted early!
Militia (30 Spaces)
Camo/Civilian clothing  – Any full woodland/desert camo kit or mixed with civilians clothes (example Jeans) **Restrictions Black/Multi cam Black clothing (Rigs/belts fine)
Modern Day Freedom Fighters (10)
Usual Freedom Fighter attire (drop us a message if on this team and want suggestions on load out), camo bdu IS allowed
Police (10)
All black/grey clothing, rigs, belts, pouches and  police patches
Ammo Restrictions
As this is a Battlesim we are going to be allowing hi cap magazines but Mid caps are better if you have them for that more immersive approach. DRUM MAGAZINES WILL BE ONLY USED ON LMG’s
Mag loading/loose ammo MUST be kept to outside the game area.
Each player can play with 1 primary and a secondary (pistol) to avoid people taking 5 guns at a time out…you are not an octopus
Primary Rifle  – 10 mid caps OR 2 hi-cap magazines (18 RPS limit!)
Pistols  – up to 4 standard mags or 2 extended magazines. (no mag adaptors!)
DMR – 5 mid/low cap mags OR 2 hi caps (must be a recognised DMR load out not just a rifle locked to semi)
Bolt action – roughly 100 rounds
LMG – 2 Box mags (must be recognised LMG platform)
Medic Rules – (cant medic from grenade/mortor kills)
Tourniquet or a white band on your kit to be applied when a friendly player can put there hand on your person.
Players awaiting medic can be dragged into cover by friendlies and stay hidden as long as friendly has hands on to apply the band.
Once killed and awaiting medic you MUST stay still unless a friendly player has hands on and if you move head to respawn.
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Freedom Fighters £40.00

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