Date(s) - 30/03/2018
9:00 am - 5:30 pm



So we are kicking the year off with this first Milsim!

these are going to be more intensive milsim with rules you’re not used to!

  1. team spaces will be capped to ensure even teams so select your team carefully and book asap.
  2. there will be a tan team and woodland team. Rigs MUST match your team colours with black rigs being universal. So if you turn up to be on the tan team with an OD rig you will not be allowed to use the rig. If there’s any queries drop us an email or contact the facebook.
  3. Members will need to book in for this with a deposit to support the milsim team balance/ensure things are fair.
  4. the game day will be 09:00-17:00 so all players must be READY to go at 09:00 for game brief and GAME ON at 09:30.
  5. The Game day will cost an additional £10 per person to take into account the longer game day and additional staffing (nature of the milsim) but you will also receive breakfast and a burger (when/if you decide to go in for some food). We’ll be asking teams to order their food when they are planning down time as to not have a full team abandon the field at one time.
  6. Limits – 0.3 bb weight limit is in place for this event which can be used in full auto aeg’s (trial for future events). heavy weight bb’s are fine to be used in pistols/dmr/sniper rifles/shotguns. We ask that you do not go any bigger than 6mm and random Chrono’s will be done through the day. A 28 rps is in place throughout the event.
  7. Mag Limits: Mid caps and low caps (drum mags for LMG’s) will be in place for this event with no high cap mags or magging up in game to be done. Any loose ammo found in the game area will be subject to a ‘time out’ and team penalty.
  8. AEG: 900 rounds total
  9. LMG: 2x Box mags (worth noting this must be placed or using bipod at all times when in used)
  10. Sniper/Dmr: 100 rounds
  11. Shotgun: 600 rounds
  12. Pistol: Unlimited but 5 mags max (the no high cap rule still applies though extended mags fine)
  13. Pyro: Usual pyro volume rules and areas apply.
  14. Single use Pyro: Unlimited Smoke grenades but 5 bangs only to be carried at one time.
  15. Reusable Pyro: Unlimited but cant carry lose refills/refill in the game area.
  16. Capping at 40 for now but we wont be having more than 60 at this event so book asap!
  17. It will be worth checking back on this as questions are asked and answered!
  18. FINALLY!: there will be a stay over at site for anyone whos played! if you wish to stay over please add to comments when booking!


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