Date(s) - 24/11/2018
8:30 am - 4:00 pm


You’ve played gang wars but this is a whole new ball game.

Book in as a team or as an individual to the faction that takes your fancy and battle for ammunition and black market goods to take your faction to the top.

Alternately, get involved with the police and try and stop all he dealing/back stabbings/or take a cut for yourself.

We’re running this one a bit different….

You’ll have a breakfast bap on arrival and game on will be 9:30.

lunch will be hotdog/burger/lamb burger (or veg option).

The Game….

you will not need to bring ammo or pyro to this event as your teams will be supplied with ammo rations before game start and then as a team you will be tasked to find/steal supplies to barter for more ammo and pyro through the day. Rationing ammo and pyro will be essential to survive and complete your objectives.

The standard ammo will be .25 blasters but if you are planning to use anything that requires heavier weights or specific gas let us know so we can ensure you can be catered for.

The more well supplied Police team Led by Sargent Whitworth will be trying to stop the affairs of the various factions/organisations ‘cultivating’ the land.

For this event we will be asking everyone getting involved to pay in advance and if you can’t attend it will be up to you to find someone to replace you as no refunds will be available.

the price

members £30

Non-Members £40



members are required to book via the website and will have the additional £10 refunded (just drop us a line if it doesn’t happen straight away to facebook or email at info@alpha55airsoft.co.uk).

we will be releasing more details and intel as the event approaches so keep checking the facebook and if there’s any questions drop us a message to the above places!

so grab your teams, guns and get ready to be involved in something new!

Book-in Options

Bookings are closed for this event.

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