Here at Alpha 55 Events we have a dedicated staff ready and willing to help you in your adventure!


Job Title

After 10 years working in a bank, Gaz took to the woods passionately running team building, combat games, and training for all things airsoft. In recent years this has extended to more woodland-based activities and running family/child lead events around open fires.
Gaz loves all outdoors whether it be running around practicing teamwork in combat games, camping, cooking, or walking the dog you’ll usually find him outside.


Job Title

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John Doe

Software Engineer

Music is his passion and at the roots of everything he does. It usually means he uses this as a way to connect with people at events or the Festivals he runs at Castlewoods.

When Karl isn’t running events he can usually be found tending the woods and keeping on top of the day-to-day activities that go with owning a woodland.


Job Title

Luke is often described as friendly, approachable, and great at teaching skills. He runs events here at Alpha 55 and is growing his woodland-based knowledge and experience to help teach people bushcraft skills and how to enjoy their environment.
Luke is an avid cosplayer, vegan, and fisherman and you’ll never know what he’s doing with his spare time as its so varied


Job Title

LorResident photographer and support for events. If you want a picture of you enjoying an activity or the woods Josh is your man.
When not taking photos or editing them  you’ll usually find him wild camping, up a mountain, or playing combat games in military simulation environments.

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