Site Rules


Site Rules and FPS Limits

Some rules can differ from site to site, here’s your one stop shop for our current rules and regulations here at Alpha 55

Site Rules

  • Section 1 - Arrival and Departure

    1. Alpha 55 is at the top of a caravan site please be courteous to the caravan site and stick to the 10 mph limit, also be aware children may be playing about.
    2. If you are stuck about how to get to Alpha 55 we have a “site Location section above, if this is still confusing please “contact us” using the page above.
    3. Players will NOT bring any bladed, deactivated or inappropriate weapons (non-airsoft) onto the Alpha 55 site, you will be politely asked to remove them from site.
    4. As when arriving when you are leaving please be courteous to all neighbours and leave quietly and slowly while sticking to the 10 mph limit!

  • Section 2 - Safety

    1. A Full safety brief will be given to all players at the beginning of the day, please listen carefully.
    2. Our Safe Zone area is clearly marked and will be explained about in the Safety Brief.
    3. The Safe Zone is the only area where Masks/Glasses are allowed to be removed due to this mags have to be out of your guns.
    4. If you are new to airsoft you will have extensive gun training prior to the start of your day.
    5. You will hear our marshals shout “MAGS OUT CLEAR YOUR GUNS” every time you come back to the Safe Zone, Please adhere to this by removing yours mags and firing a couple of shots into the floor.
    6. All games are run by experienced marshals who will plan and organise your games. Therefore all questions need to be directed at them. Please note what marshal’s say is law.
    7. If you are under the age of 18 by law you have to wear a full face mask, unless you have written consent from a parent or guardian.
    8. Glasses and Face Masks must be on in the game zone AT ALL TIMES, if you have problems with your glasses or masks please speak to a marshal.
    9. Pyrotechnics – if you are under the age of 18 the law states that you are unable to throw pyro, however you are allowed to have pyro thrown towards you.
    10. There are generally two types of ‘Pyro’ – bang grenades and smoke grenades.
    11. Smoke Grenades are only used for cover and are not classes as a ‘Kill’ if they land near you, please note smokes will ignite before billowing with smoke.
    12. Bang Grenades must either be bought from Alpha 55 or checked by a marshal, ‘homemade’ or anything deemed not suitable by staff at Alpha 55 will not be allowed to be used and asked to dispose of. Bangs have a 5 metre ‘kill’ radius and must be Mk5 or less.
    14. Reusable grenades MUST be thrown under arm!
    15. Please do NOT climb up trees on buildings etc, you are able to go in them just not climb on them.
    16. We Will NOT tolerate any aggressive behaviour and you will be asked to leave if you get aggressive, if we feel we need to phone the police then this action will be taken.
    17. Alpha 55 is a woodland site and thus may have a lot of uneven ground, please be careful and wear appropriate foot wear.
    18. We operate a bang rule on site this is for the safety of the players, if you come across a player with his back facing you please use the bang rule. All you need to do is shout “BANG” the other player should agree and shout hit. We DO NOT RUN FACE TO FACE BANGS.
    19. Head shots – Please do not aim for people’s heads, move around to a different position and aim for their side or back.

  • Section 3 - Other

    1. The youngest age you are allowed to play airsoft at Alpha 55 is 12.
    2. Whilst at Alpha55 you agree to be photographed and/or videoed. These images may be used on social media and the internet for advertisement purposes only. If you don’t agree to this please speak to a marshal.
    3. At Alpha 55 we have numerous animals/wildlife on site DO NOT SHOOT ANY!
    4. There is many props and signs dotted around site, people have spent time on these DO NOT SHOOT THEM!
    5. By booking your place at Alpha 55 you agree to have read these rules and will abide by them. These Rules may change without your notice.

FPS, ROF and Velocity Limits

  • AEGs, Pistols, Gas and Automatic

    AEG / Pistols / Gas / Automatic weapons – 350 fps is the site limit and based on 0.20g.

    We have no maximum weight limit on BBs. The site works on joules, please refer to a conversion chart to check you are under our site limit. We keep a conversion chart at our range.

  • Bolt Action Sniper Rifles

    Bolt action Sniper rifles – The Site limit is based on 0.20g

    1. Age 12 – 15 350 FPS
    2. Age 16 – 17 380 FPS
    3. Age 18+ –  500 FPS 

    As a sniper you have a 25 Metres engagement distance and MUST Carry a side arm – Anything between you and 25 Metres you have to use your side arm. We require snipers to do a ‘Sniper test’ this is to show us you know you distances and can hit a body sized target at 25 Metres. If you fail this you will be polity ask to not use the ‘sniper.

  • Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs)

    DMR – The site limit is based on 0.20gs.

    1. Age 12-17 350 FPS
    2. Age 18+  420 FPS

    Using a DMR you have a 25 Metres engagement distance and MUST carry a side arm – Anything between you and 25 Metres, you have to use your side arm. We require DMR users to do a ‘Sniper test’ this is to show us you know you distances and can hit a body sized target at 25 Metres. If you fail this you will be polity ask to not use the ‘sniper.

    DMRS MUST be locked to semi fire ONLY!

  • Universal Terms

    • All guns will be chronographed each day.
    • We may choose to chronograph people throughout the course of the day.
    • Any guns over the FPS limits will not be able to used.
    • Glass BB’s are not permitted. If you are found using them you will be asked to leave without a refund

    Note: if you are testing your own gun and don’t have 0.20gs, chronoing your guns on 0.25g, 0.28g, 0.30g etc DOES NOT reduce the FPS of your gun. Below is a calculator of what your gun will be chronoing on at 0.20gs.

    Although we do recommend you chrono your guns on 0.20gs

  • Players under the age of 16

    All players under the age of 16 are limited to a maximum of 350 FPS.

FPS (Velocity) Conversion

This table is intended as a guide only.

BB in grams AEG (Limit 350 FPS) Bolt/Sniper (Limit 500 FPS)
0.2g 350 500
0.25g 314 447
0.28g 295 422
0.30g 285 408
0.36g 261 373
0.38g 254 363
0.40g 247 354
0.43g 239 341